Hypatia Inc. Contact Information

Hypatia Inc.
15270 SW Holly Hill Road
Hillsboro, OR 97123-9074

Voice: 503-628-2936 (Pacific)
Sales and Support: 1-800-Hypatia (1-800-497-2842)

Web: www.Hypatia.com
Fax: Obsolete. Please use email to transmit images.

Federal Employer ID #: 93-0996944
Oregon Registration #: 149160-84

NoSpam Notice: UCE (spam) or any email distributed on an "opt out" basis is absolutely prohibited. Do not send any such email to any Hypatia.com address.

Hypatia absolutely never tolerates UCE, and any organization which ever sends any spam to us is permanently blacklisted, forever forfeiting any opportunity to conduct any business of any kind with us.

Spam forged to appear to be from Hypatia.com: Hypatia.com does not transmit spam! If you received spam which appeared to be from a Hypatia.com address, it was criminally forged with a fake return address, as occasionally occurs with our domain. Hypatia.com never transmits unsolicited commercial email, nor any email to large numbers of recipients, nor does it ever engage in ID theft, securities fraud, criminal conduct solicitations, nor does it push drugs, predatory loans, erotica, nor any of the other crimes and overt fraud typical of spam.

If you received spam forged to suggest that it's from Hypatia.com, please parse the expanded headers to determine the IP addresses of the real ISP and server firms involved, or use SpamCop or similar to automatically do so, then forward the spam with its expanded headers to those ISP and server firms. Then permanently delete the message.

Home UCECage@Hypatia.com. Report mail misconduct to UCE@FTC.gov.