Quick Operating Software Installation Guide:

On this site:

Click here to download the Model 309 Utility for Windows and Windows NT (save the file to your media).

Click here, then download the Operating Software version for your instrument's serial number (save the file to your media).

When the downloads are complete, save the following text and sign off - you have the necessary items.

Connect your computer to your Model 308 or 309:

Connect one end of a network cable onto any one of your computer's serial ports. (Don't connect to your computer's parallel port - it won't work.)

Connect the other end of the network cable onto your Model 308 or 309 network card serial port.

Check that your Model 308 or 309 is turned on (powered up).

On your computer:

Unzip (decompress) the "Model309Utility.zip" file and the "Model309OSvX.XX.zip" file.

Double click the "Model 309 Utility" file to launch it.

Allow the Model 309 Utility to find your instrument, which it does automatically. (Be certain that you're connected to your computer's serial port - a parallel port won't work.) If a warning dialog concerning reading hold parameters appears, simply dismiss it - it won't affect operations.

Click on the "Instrument" menu and select "Install Operating Software".

Navigate to the "Model 309 OS vX.XX" file you downloaded earlier and double click it to select it.

Check that your area is reasonably protected from a power or network cable disruption and click "OK".

Wait until the installation is complete, then follow the final prompt from your computer.

Your new Operating Software installation should now be complete, and your Model 308 or 309 can be returned to service.

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