Model 306 to Model 307 upgrade

The Model 306 may be upgraded to the model 307. The upgrade price is $500 for instruments with serial numbers from 0001 through 0100, and $600 for all other serial numbers.

Timer Output: The Model 307 may be equipped with a timer output for controlling other devices such as certain high potential test instruments. Order Option 1 and add $50.00. The timer output consists of isolated relay contacts which are open between tests and closed during a test.

Brief Hypatia Model 307 Operational Description

"Test Time" is a thumb wheel switch for operator entry of test duration. "Test Time Remaining" is an LED readout which counts down from the "Test Time" setting to zero or until "Reset Timer" or manual "Test Current Off" is activated by the operator.

Production testing is a single button operation: With the probes in place, the "Test Current" rocker switch is pressed to "On". The instrument applies the preset test current (which should only rarely require adjustment), and times the test according to the thumb wheel switch bank setting, indicating measured impedance (in the m meter mode). During each test, the operator should verify the test current by observing the value indicated by the current bar graph to insure that it is within the correct test range. When the "Test Time Remaining" readout reaches zero, the "Test Current" rocker switch automatically physically switches off, thus removing the test current, and the timer resets to the preset value in preparation for the next test. The instrument will provide an audio alert if the measured impedance is greater than 100 m when the >100 m alarm button is set to the in position. The test probes are of modular design allowing easy (and economical) swapping from alligator clip type to, for example, IEC power connector type, or connection to international receptacle banks.

Transit packing instructions

Include the Model 100 probe with your instrument as it must be modified.

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