Updated 14 February 2001 (Previous versions 13 December 2000, 21 December 2000, and 11 January 2001)

Dear customer,

Model 309 Operating Software version x.65 is now available on our we site at www.Hypatia.com, and we strongly encourage you to perform the easy installation of this version promptly. Upgrading your Operating Software does not affect your instrument's calibration or certification status, so no recalibration or recertification is necessary. (But a down transition from x.63 or higher to x.62 or lower will result in the loss of calibration data, so don't do that.)

There were initialization flaws in the previous two versions of the Model 308 and 309 Operating Software, x.62 and x.63. They do not appear to have affected your instruments underlying accuracy and there is no evidence that any of your safety measurements have been compromised. However, they could cause some instruments to fail to boot properly, resulting in frozen displays or error readings, including "zero error", "2 error", "4 error", or similar dialogs, often followed by a system crash.

The flaws can cause some instruments to appear as if their hardware has failed, but that appearance was misleading - Operating Software flaws are the source of the problem. Versions x.58 through x.61 do not appear to harbor these flaws, or they masked them so that they had little or no practical effect.

The flaws can be eliminated by installing version x.65 of the Operating Software, which is by far the best method to resolve the problem. A much less desirable option is to install version x.61 of the Operating Software (but version x.63 or higher users must not do this - see below).

Otherwise, if you elect to retain Operating Software version x.62 or x.63, you may utilize the following steps to clear initialization problems: After you've turned the instrument on and the boot cycle is complete, turn the main power switch off and then back on as soon as the led readouts begin to fade, which is roughly one half second. Then run one brief "dummy test" by pressing the "Start Test / Stop Test" button, allowing the test to run for a few seconds, then pressing the "Start Test / Stop Test" button again to stop the test (or allow the test to time out). These steps should clear the initialization flaws, and your instrument should then operate properly as long as it remains powered up.

You should not install version x.62 or lower into any instrument now running version x.63 or higher of the Operating Software, because any transition from x.63 or higher to x.62 or lower will result in the loss of calibration data. If you are running version x.63 and your instrument misbehaves, you should install version x.65 or use the clearing method described above.

The Operating Software, the Model 309 Utility for installing it (which also provides other features), automation software, and other support for your Model 308 or 309 High Current Sourcing Milliohm Meter is posted on our web site at www.Hypatia.com. There are no charges for this software or other support material, and you will not be subjected to distractions when you acquire it - there are no forms to fill out, no cookies are set, and no advertisements are involved.

As a reminder, as described in the Model 308 and 309 performance verification procedure on our web site, installation of the latest Operating Software is always mandatory when the instrument is calibrated or certified. If your service provider has failed to do this, return your instrument to them for rework. If your instrument is running any version below x.58, it must not be used for any further testing until version x.61 or higher is installed. See our web site for details.

Installation instructions which provide all the information most users need to quickly and easily install the Operating Software are posted on our web site. The latest version of the Owner's Manual, performance verification procedure, and other support material is also available free on our web site at all times.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding these issues, please contact me by one of the methods below.

Thank you and regards, Bruce Campbell

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